Meet the New Owner Chris Jones and Learn about the “Grand Opening Sale.”


My Name Is Chris Lane Jones and I Love Helping People with Their Computers

I’m a First Coast Native, my whole family lives here. Thus, leaving me with PCs to fix on both sides of the family. I grew up in Callahan, FL, a small town just north of Jacksonville. I live with my wife Becky and five cats (her idea). We love traveling to the mountains and trailblazing at high altitudes. We travel south to the Space Coast once a month to go see Becky’s family and spend time with Becky’s little brother Jonathan.

Many of you have seen me show up to your doorstep to repair your computer. I have been working with Elizabeth Pampalone for three months now. The Pampalone’s are taking on other jobs so, they decided to pass the company to me.

I am thrilled to take on this new company and aid and tackle the computer problems of the First Coast.

Becky and I on the Beach


Here is a coupon for the Grand Opening Sale of JaxComputerTech. Mention the phrase “GRANDOPENING5” before paying to receive $5 off. This is for the Month of November 2017. Remember, you may want to defend your computer from the family when kids come over during the holidays.

JaxComputerTech November 2017 Coupon

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