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Stop Printing, Then Signing, Then Scanning PDFs… There’s A Better Way! – Free Short Training Video is completely free and works in your web browser window so you don’t have to download anything besides a nicely saved PDF with your signature embossed on it. Your bestowed document will be ready for your doctor, attorney, client or whomever your recipient is.

In the past, similar PDF annotation software would have either cost or offered a freemium version that would leave a giant watermark on your PDF.

Just by going to Xodo’s home page and clicking the “Launch Now” button opens a section where you can drag and drop or upload any PDF. There is even an option to pull from Google Drive or Dropbox. Xodo gives you a simplistic editor that is designed to the likes of Microsoft Word. There are options such as text, text bubbles and a dropdown that allows signatures to your document. Here’s a video on how it works.

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